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A short movie expressing the philosophy of Women in Green is here.

Women in Green is a Bible believing, Zionist organization devoted to the ideal of a Greater Israel.  Their motto is “Eretz Yisrael l’Am Yisrael,” “ארץ ישראל לעם ישראל,” “The land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel,”   The name comes, not from an environmental overtone, but from their early practice of wearing green caps.

Their activities, each of which depends on our prayers and financial support include:

Tish B’Av walks around the City walls

Agricultural plantings

Sovereignty Journal

Givat Oz v’Gaon

Contributions can be made online or checks may be mailed to

Central Fund for Israel
980 Sixth Ave.
3rd. Floor
New York, N.Y. 10018

To ensure that Women in Green will receive 100% of the contribution, please advise the Central Fund for Israel that the donation is intended for Women In Green.

Or, checks may also be mailed to

Women for Israel’s Tomorrow – Women In Green
P.O. Box 7352
Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: 972-50-5500834 or Fax 972-2-930-9148

nmatar AT womeningreen dot org

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