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Bnei David – Eli is the first Yeshiva Academy (Mechina) Program established in Israel combining Torah studies and full-length army service (as opposed to the 50% army service component of Hesder programs)

Bnei David 3Initially, Bnei David was only a pre-army preparatory Mechina program whose goal was to start a silent revolution in the Israel Defense Forces. Over the past 20 years, while the motivation among Israel’s youth to serve in the army has consistently declined, Bnei David offered its students a new path – a path that views serving in the IDF as a value and a privilege, Bnei David’s graduates consider their army service a mission. No less than their dedication to Torah study.

Bnei David’s success in this realm is reflected in its impact. 20 years after its inception, Bnei David has over 2,300 alumni, over 50% whom have served as officers in the fighting units and over 40% served in Elite Commando units. At any given moment over 400 Mechina graduates are in uniform, serving their country in fighting units.

We would be happy if you could join us as partners to this important project. For further information please visit our website,

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