Bnei David Memorial Wall


To honor and memorialize those alumni who have fallen in IDF service to the Nation, Bnei David has established a wall recognizing each soldier who fell.

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Pictured here, in front of his picture, are the sister and brother-in-law (with daughter) of הרוש משה ז”ל, Moshe Harush, Class of ’92, who fell in the last days of the Lebanon War. Tali and Alon live in Eli with their children. Moshe’s sister, Osnat Rosen, currently lives in Greenville SC.

Pictures of all of those remembered on this wall can be found at this web page.

Among those in this memorial is Roi Klein, class of ’94,  who was an Israeli major in the Golani Brigade of the Israeli Defense Forces (and one of its most highly decorated soldiers) who died during the 2006 Lebanon War. Klein was killed in the Battle of Bint Jbeil after jumping on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers.

Remembrance is such a blessing!  To recognize that each of those young men fell in service to Am Yisrael is sobering. The pre-army educational program of Bnei David Eli instills much love for Torah, for the people of Israel, for the nation, and for the land, so much so that each graduate is willing to die for them, at a very young age, if necessary. Financial support for the mechina could not be better invested.

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