Eli (עֵלִי) is a large mixed communal  located on Highway 60 north of Jerusalem.  It was named after the biblical high-priest who served in the Tabernacle in nearby biblical Shiloh (1 Samuel 1:9).

Eli was established on 11 September 1984, when three families moved into recently placed buildings. It was the first settlement to be attempted without a core group of families. Several families from Ofra, Kokhav HaShahar, and Shilo were persuaded to come for at least a year while more families would be found. The settlement was originally called ‘Givat Levona’ after the adjacent settlement Ma’ale Levona.

In recent years the town has evolved into the municipal center for the Shilo area settlement bloc.  Eli is also home to the Bnei David pre-military Mechina academy. This yeshiva also offers post-army academic programs.

Bnei David is the first pre-military modern orthodox Mechina academy (1988) and was founded by Rabbis Eli Sadan and Yig’al Levinstein.  Many of the graduates have reached high rank in the IDF.  It is an integral part of Eli as many of the rabbis, administrators, graduates and students live in Eli.

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